e2O2O PMIS Overview-

Cloud Solution / GIS Map Advantage / BIM Leverage

e2020 Project Management Information System (PMIS) is a one-stop information hub that contributes to substantial time savings for executives, managers, engineers and administrators.

The e2020 PMIS is the state of art SaaS (Software as a Service) offering.  It is a software subscription service that eliminates heavy initial purchase costs.

The philosophy of e2020 is to enhance the project management process but to be invisible to the user.  e2020 recognizes that the members of a project delivery team will have programs and processes that they are comfortable with and experienced in using and have invested significant funds and time in becoming proficient with.  The e2020 approach is to encourage the continued use of such systems to the extent that they provide the quality of data needed to successfully manage the project.  e2020 mines these developed data and processes, analyzes, and reports to the users of the system in accordance with the workflow processes established and in the form and frequency desired by the project team.  This approach allows high levels of efficiency by contractors, consultants, vendors, and other stakeholders who do not have to change their systems yet provides the Manager/Owner with the information needed to manage their projects effectively.

In order for our clients to be able to concentrate in project management and not be sidetracked by issues of process improvement and software compatibility,  the e2020 team is continually updating the PMIS modules to stay compatible with current development in the fast changing system platforms.

Users of the e2020 PMIS need not compromise any current procedures, formats or work flows in order to use the System; instead, the e2020 System will be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. The e2020 base modules will be customized and syndicated to create a dedicated PMIS for each project or group of projects.  It serves as the data hub as well as collaboration center for the project. All forms of data entered into the system are linked with each other in the PMIS. It is this linkage that provides the efficiency and flexibility to assist users in project management.

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