Design-Build PMIS


  • Involves multiple parties and authorities with diverse interest and constraints.
  • Inefficient communication between parties.
  • Effective workflow to maximize profit through early completion without compromising quality.
  • Enormous volume of review submittal.
  • Tight schedule of overlapping and concurrent design-approval-construction sequences for various project elements.
  • Difficult partnering among stakeholders.


  • The e2020 PMIS fosters efficient communication and partnership between all stakeholders of the design-build team by providing a one-stop information center where all team members can easily track the status of all activities.
  • e2020 has developed a unique design review-approval system to ensure efficient quality control within the agreed timeframe. This system has been successfully deployed for several large scale Design-Build projects in Southern California.
  • Incorporates a user-friendly and intuitive process to manage the complicated and tight schedule of the review-submittal process.
  • Modifies management functions and workflows usually used for design-bid-construct projects to accommodate the design-build environment.