cip trackingfaq

The public works department of cities and counties handle several hundred large and small Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) at any time of the year. It is an uphill battle to use complex spreadsheets and conventional filing cabinets to manage and sort out cumulating data and records. The e2020 system offers many friendly and time saving ways to deal with daily routines, reporting and keeping tracks progress:

  • The e2020 web-based one-stop information center lets you have information at your finger tips whenever you need it. You don't need to keep piles of paper "in case you need them."
  • The one-stop information center travels with you. You can access project information and collaborate with the project team at any location with an Internet connection.
  • Up-to-date Executive Summary displays big-picture information for quick review and alert on imminent or persistent issues.
  • Wireless connection on a Tablet PC or iPAQ enables you to access data (e.g. review specifications, check schedules) in meetings and on site.
  • Map-based e2020 system links geographic locations to project data, allowing easy data retrieval by pointing to map elements.
  • The e2020 document-data-photo links offer great power and ease of use in managing large amount of digital photos and related documents.