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Time is money when it comes to the process of infrastructure construction. The web-based e2020 system provides friendly collaboration functions to save times and costs in daily routines, scheduling and issue management. It has the flexibility of either using the "all electronic" procedures that bypass fax and copy machines or an interim routine that accepts scanned inputs. The e2020 system is customized to suit the needs of the project team. Users do not have to spend time setting up rigid menus or bend their time-honored procedure s to suit the new program.

  • The e2020 web-based one-stop information center lets you have information at your finger tips whenever you need it. You don't need to keep piles of paper "in case you need them."
  • Up-to-date Executive Summary displays big-picture information for quick review and alert on imminent or persistent issues.
  • Wireless connection on a Tablet PC or iPAQ enables you to access data (e.g. review specifications, check schedules) in meetings and on site.
  • Wireless connection on a Tablet PC or iPAQ streamlines field reporting and eliminates double entries in the office.
  • The e2020 document-data-photo links offer great power and ease of use in managing large amount of digital photos and related documents.