company is a unique information center designed by professional engineers and construction managers with over a hundred years of combined project management experience. It is a hub that collects, organizes, retrieves and disseminates management information for the entire project team. provides an efficient and user-friendly system to manage the enormous amount of information generated by day-to-day project activities.

By placing drawings and maps as the center of communication links, our software brings user-friendliness to a new level. It speaks the language of the design and construction professionals. Our software allows any authorized project team members to click on an object of the site drawings to inquire its status and access the entire history of the selected construction component. Data, reports, schedules and photographs are dynamically linked to the elements or objects of drawings. Multi-directional queries between text data, graphics and drawings enhance efficiency and ease of use.

Our software is fully compatible with hand held palm size PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). Project data are accessible anytime anywhere. Field data input and review through PDAs reduces errors and saves time. Many other unique features such as self-generated progress slide show, auto report generator and alert system are the on wish list of professional construction managers. project sites are secure and dependable. The hosting hub is protected by industry standard security systems and tiered password access structure.

The Advantage:

  • Expedites decision-making and approvals by providing timely information to all project team members.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces travel costs by using hand-held wireless devices in the field.
  • Cuts down travel costs by allowing remote access to project information and graphical updates.
  • Reduces error by quickly providing critical information to all project team members.
  • Reduces error by providing self-generated progress slide show to all levels of project team members.
  • Saves time and expedite decision making through auto report generator.
  • Minimize delay through due-date alert system accessible to all team members.
  • Improves efficiency and cuts down error through 3-D visualization of project components.
  • Manages revision and submission process to eliminate errors.
  • Creates a channel for feedback on issues and inquiries from all affected project team members.
  • Expedites retrieval of achieved project data with the customized system.
  • Reduces data copying and distribution costs.
  • Improves company image, profitability and competitive edge.

Cost and Time Saving Features of

  • Subscribed and accessed through the Internet
    Minimum investment in hardware, software and computer staff.
  • Flexible System
    Customized to suit user's procedures and format.
  • Live-Map Technology
    Dynamic GIS links between drawings, data, photos and reports.
  • Functions based on Construction Manager’s wish lists
    Features designed by experienced construction professionals.
  • Palm-Size Hand-Held Device Compatible
    Data is accessible anywhere, anytime. Superior efficiency on-site and off-site.
  • 3-D Views
    Visualize progress of construction in photo-realistic perspectives.
  • User-Friendly
    Minimum training required. Click on maps or menus to query.