cip trackingfaq

Q. What are the products of e2020?

A. We provide web-based Project/Program Management Information System

Q. Do you sell software and let the customers to do their own setup?

A. We do not sell the software. e2020 is an Application Service Provider (ASP). We customize a system to meet our customers' needs.

Q. How do customers pay for the services?

A. Service fees include monthly license fees and a one-time setup fee based on Time & Materials.

Q. What does the monthly subscription fee covers?

A. It includes training, maintenance, supports, consultation, system upgrades, backups, data storage and license fees.

Q. What is the advantage of ASP?

A. Customers need not commit large amount of initial investments to purchase software and hardware. e2020 setup and host the system so there is no addition work for the customers' in-house IT staff.

Q. Who needs the e2020 system?

A. The system can be used by counties, cities, local agencies, CM firms, and consulting firms to manage CIP projects, construction projects, NPDES permit compliance and manage inventory.

Q. Is the e2020 system customizable?

A. Yes. The e2020 system is completely customizable. We work with our customers to understand their business process and modify our modules to deliver a built-to-suit system.

Q. As a customer, do I have to adjust my current procedures in order to use e2020's system?

A. No. the e2020 system modules will be modified to suit the formats and procedures of the customers.

Q. Is the e2020 system easy to use?

A. It is a very user-friendly system. It takes only a couple of hours to get familiar with the system. Any person who is familiar with web browsing is already 70% trained.

Q. What is the main differentiation between the e2020 system and others?

A. The e2020 system is designed by engineers with extensive knowledge in the engineering and management field. We know the issues and the frustration. We know what our customers are looking for.

Q. What is the most unusual feature that distinguishes the e2020 system with others?

A. The e2020 system includes an interactive GIS map linked to all project data.

Q. Can you link the map to the schedules?

A. Yes. We have the capability to link schedule data to the interactive map.

Q. Is the e2020 system an internet filing system?

A. No. All the data in the e2020 system are linked together. The data is well organized and secured. Our customers can use the data to perform analysis and create reports.

Q. In our organization, we have different levels of users. How do you handle this situation?

A. The e2020 system is password protected. It is designed for all levels of users. We have the right information for the right people. This eliminates the need to do the tedious search.

Q. How long will it take to setup a system?

A. It takes about four to eight weeks, depends on the complexity of the system.

Q. Does the system work with the PDA?

A. Yes. It is compatible with Pocket PC.

Q. We have different types of reports to submit every month. Can the e2020 system create reports which match our current report format?

A. Yes. We can create reports to match any of your current formats.

Q. What kind of technical support e2020 provide?

A. e2020's developer is responsible to handle the support call. Every call is handled immediately.