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A Web-based Project Management Information System

e2O2O PMIS is a web-based one-stop collaboration center serving all levels of users in a project team.

The system is particularly powerful and efficient in program management involving projects in dispersed geographic areas. Customized to suit the needs and procedures of the project team, it is a tool that saves valuable time for executives, managers, engineers and administrators.

The system is customized to incorporate all the essential management functions in reporting and tracking together with operational functions such as schedule, daily report, request for information, change order, progress photo documentation, meeting schedules, minutes of meetings, etc. PMIS's unique map-based interface enables users to retrieve information by clicking on the site map or layout drawings.

The power of the system derives from the unique links between all formats of information and each construction task. For example, when a user reviews a change order (CO), the system will automatically pull up side by side all the information relevant to this particular CO, such as the RFI that leads to the CO, the specifications, progress photos, and any related daily reports or CAD drawings.

With e2020's software suite, every step of a project is tightly coordinated for efficient operation. The underlying platform behind ClearVision was purposely built to take advantage of the latest in communication and technology. It is a 100% Internet-architected infrastructure that is both flexible and scalable, optimized for the needs of each user.

Web based
  • One-stop information center accessible at multiple locations
  • Minimizes paper shuttling
  • No hardware cost
  • Great tool for conference calls with all parties viewing the same schedule or photos
Customized System
  • No need to change procedure to suit software
  • Always expandable
User Friendly
  • Minimal training required. As easy as browsing the Internet
  • View and print schedules without relying on trained scheduler
  • Access to summary reports and charts anytime, anywhere through the internet
Local Supports
  • System developed by engineers for engineers
  • Local supports provided by industry experts
All data formats linked to work items
  • Each project element is linked to all data related to that item
  • Eliminates the cost of additional license of software used for the review of schedules and CAD drawings
Map/Drawing Functions
  • Customized live map or site drawings enable user to click on each element to review all data related to that item
  • Provide up-to-date overview of color-coded phasing and status change
Alert Warning and Executive Dashboard
  • Executive Dashboard summarizes up-to-date project information for brief review and links to detailed reports
  • ALERT window automatically announces approaching due dates past-due status
Wireless Palm Device, Tablet PC compatible
  • Retrieve project data in the field
  • Input data (report) in the field
  • Check project data in meeting or in transition
Extend to Facility Management
  • System could be utilized for facility management after the completion of the project, using the data acquired during construction
Secured Data
  • Structured password system allows users to control various levels of data access
  • Data stored in third-party Internet Data Center operated by PacBell, the same data center used by most Fortune 500 companies