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Infrastructure program implementation involves a wide geographic area, large amounts of stakeholders and multiple agency coordination. Whether its a bridge rehabilitation program for a city or the implementation of acoustic protection throughout the entire county, the programs would require close attention to both administrative level details and executive level summaries. e2020 provides a tool that could streamline the planning, funding, implementation and operation phases of the program.

  • The e2020 web-based one-stop information center lets you have information at your finger tips whenever you need it. You don't need to keep piles of paper "in case you need them."
  • The one-stop information center travels with you. You can access project information and collaborate with the project team at any location with an Internet connection.
  • Up-to-date Executive Summary displays big-picture information for quick review and alert on imminent or persistent issues.
  • Wireless connection on a Tablet PC or iPAQ enables you to access data (e.g. review specifications, check schedules) in meetings and on site.
  • Map-based e2020 system links geographic locations to project data, allowing easy data retrieval by pointing to map elements.
  • The e2020 document-data-photo links offer great power and ease of use in managing large amount of digital photos and related documents.